Education at the CGA Conference

The CGA Conference & Expo provides a multitude of educational sessions for damage prevention professionals at all levels of experience from various stakeholder groups. These sessions will help you develop the knowledge, skills and ideas you need to better serve your organization, move forward in your professional development and engage effectively with industry peers.

Submit your proposal today!

Call for Proposals Info

When will the Call for Proposals launch?

Call for Proposals is live! Submit your session today.

Submit Proposal

Who can submit a proposal?

All damage prevention professionals, whether CGA members or not, are encouraged to submit.

What is the deadline to complete a submission?

November 1, 2022.

When will I hear if my session has been accepted?

All speaker applications will be reviewed and selected by the CGA Advisory Committee and show management by November 30th, 2022.

When will the session schedule be posted?

The educational session schedule will be posted Mid-December 2022.

What topic should I submit for consideration?

CGA members represent 16 stakeholder groups and are interested in every aspect of damage prevention, including:

  • Locating issues and locator outreach
  • RP1162 adherence/rewrite
  • DIRT data collection and topics of annual report
  • Hydroexcavation and other trenchless technologies
  • Cross bores
  • Virtual training
  • CGA Best Practices
  • Enforcement, exemptions and other safe digging law impacts
  • Marketing and education
  • Damage Prevention/Public Awareness Outreach
  • Future of damage prevention
  • Excavation issues and excavator outreach
  • One call center operations, ticketing and technologies
What information is required?

The following information is required in order to submit a presentation proposal for consideration:

  • Title of Presentation
  • Speaker/Presenter Information
  • Presentation Description 
  • learning Objectives
  • Interactive Components
  • Solutions
  • Length of Presentation
  • Track/Topic/Audience
  • *Speaker Information Required: Name, Agency/Organization, Title, Email and 50-word bio
What should I provide for "Learning Objectives"?

Well-developed learning outcomes are participant-oriented, observable, and measurable. Describe the skills, knowledge, and/or learning outcomes participants will be able to demonstrate as a result of this activity. (For example: At the culmination of this session, participants will be able to…) You should describe your learning outcomes using action verbs.

Are speakers compensated for time or travel?

Please note that speakers do not get compensated for their time or travel.